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Company profile
Our knowledge in tool making
Authentic Project management
Quality control

  Except of mold making, Hong Ke also have production department for molding products according to clients order. We have 80 plastic injection machines ranges from 50 ton to 500 ton. We can arrange for long term production orders, or rapid production orders.

Hong Ke also has a team of injection molding specialist, which have good knowledge in materials selection, and molding optimization, we can provide the best service for you

We handle molding projects includes:
●Normal injection mold
●Insert molding,
●Over molding,
●Multi-cavity molding
●Two shots mold

We also handle special molding projects such as
  ●Plastic + UV materials
●Plastic + glass fiber
●Plastic +composite materials( talc)
●Plastic + smell addictives
●Corn starch
●Color control (pantone/RAL/metal color/pearl color)
●Max material (ABS+PVC/PS+PE/PA+POM/PTFE)
●UL grade material

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